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June 13, 2024

Convicted Felon Trump Worst President Ever

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Pictured above are just a few of Donald J. Trump’s biggest blunders as president. Starting with him revealing classified information to Russians in the Oval Office, followed by accepting Putin’s word over that of American intelligence in Helsinki, claiming there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville, failing to overturn Obamacare, his bromance with Kim Jong Un, Times Square empty during Covid, people burning masks when Trump failed to lead, finally suggesting that people inject bleach as a cure for Covid. However, this does not include his biggest achievements: separating children from their mothers at the border, and overturning Roe vs. Wade. This is an accomplishment he is proud of. It has made life miserable for pregnant women who can not get healthcare when they miscarry. He is proud that the abortion decision is now left up to the states which means that women in Texas must have different needs than women in Illinois. Of course he along with his right wing idiot Christians are planning a complete nationwide ban if he is reelected. This is not a religious or biblical issue. It has never been. It was a political issue created by Jerry Falwell in 1979.

Donald Trump was a long time friend of Jeffrey Epstein: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump is famously quoted as saying of Epstein in an interview for New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Donald Trump has been accused of rape by a number of women. This is just a part of his misogynist behavior. This is why he wants to ‘Make America Great Again’ by removing the rights of women and people of color, and repealing all regulations so that wealthy white men can once again rule the roost.

Here are just a few of Trump’s not so great achievements while he was president:

  • The economy lost 2.9 million jobs. The unemployment rate increased by 1.6 percentage points to 6.3%.
  • Paychecks grew faster than inflation. Average weekly earnings for all workers were up 8.7% after inflation.
  • After-tax corporate profits went up, and the stock market set new records. The S&P 500 index rose 67.8%.
  • The international trade deficit Trump promised to reduce went up. The U.S. trade deficit in goods and services in 2020 was the highest since 2008 and increased 40.5% from 2016.
  • The number of people lacking health insurance rose by 3 million.
  • The federal debt held by the public went up, from $14.4 trillion to $21.6 trillion.
  • Home prices rose 27.5%, and the homeownership rate increased 2.1 percentage points to 65.8%.
  • Illegal immigration increased. Apprehensions at the Southwest border rose 14.7% last year compared with 2016.
  • Coal production declined 26.5%, and coal-mining jobs dropped by 16.7%. Carbon emissions from energy consumption dropped 11.5%.
  • Handgun production rose 12.5% last year compared with 2016, setting a new record.
  • The murder rate last year rose to the highest level since 1997.
  • Trump filled one-third of the Supreme Court, nearly 30% of the appellate court seats and a quarter of District Court seats.

June 2, 2024

GUILTY as All Hell!

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On Thursday, May 30, 2024, at approximately 4:45 PM the jury in the Donald J. Trump false records case in New York City reached a verdict. Guilty! Guilty as charged on all 34 counts of the indictment. Donald Trump is now, and will always be forever a convicted felon, a criminal. The response from members of the Republican party was almost immediate. House Speaker Mike Johnson said it was a “shameful day in American history” and the charges were “purely political.” Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance said the verdict was a “disgrace to the judicial system.” And Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the No. 2 House Republican, said that the decision was “a defeat for Americans who believe in the critical legal tenet that justice is blind.” “This verdict says more about the system than the allegations” said South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. They are right about one thing, the justice system has been unfair, giving a great advantage to the rich and powerful like Donald Trump. How many average citizens have people sign NDA agreements like Trump had Stormy Daniels sign.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, this trial was not politically motivated by President Biden’s Justice Department. The case was brought by District Attorney Alvin Bragg of Manhattan. It has absolutely nothing to do with President Biden. Another salacious claim by Republicans is that Bragg ran on the promise to get Donald Trump. He only said he would pursue the case if there was enough evidence to get a conviction. This case was not a new case. It had been kicked around by the previous DA Cyrus Vance Jr., and before that by U. S. Attorney Jeffrey Berman of the Southern District of New York. While Attorney Berman was investigating the charges he was harassed by the Trump Justice Department which wanted him to drop the case. Trump even asked him to resign, but he would not leave, so Trump hired Attorney General Bill Barr who fired him. The case went away. Remember, a Grand Jury found that there was probable cause to indict Donald Trump, and finally Trump was found guilty by a 12 member jury of his peers. He was not railroaded by a kangaroo court.

Above are just a few of the many salacious covers published by the “National Enquirer” during the 2016 presidential campaign. They are not evidence, but examples of the garbage churned out by David Pecker during the campaign. While most Republicans are outraged at the outcome of the trial, the results of the trial are proof that the system works equally for everyone. Below are the key elements from the testimony that sealed Trump’s fate: First publisher David Pecker recalled a meeting between Michael Cohen, himself, and Donald Trump in Trump Tower in which Trump gave the okay to kill the doorman story as well as the Karen McDougal story which Pecker did by paying a total of $180,000 to catch and kill. However, when it came to Stormy Daniels Pecker wanted no part of dealing with a porn star, and besides Trump never reimbursed him. Michael Cohen testimony confirmed the plot. You would have to believe that a tight wad like Michael Cohen would have laid out $130,000 out of his pocket without having any reassurance from Trump that he would be reimbursed by a man who had just stiffed David Pecker out of $180,000.

When it came to Stormy Daniels Michael Cohen took out a mortgage on his house to pay her $130,00. He then was reimbursed by Donald Trump for some $420,000 which included money to cover his taxes and a bonus of $60,000. The money was paid by a series of 11 checks, 1 for $70,000, and 10 other checks for $35,000 paid in monthly installments which were feloniously recorded as legal expenses. This transaction was revealed in a note from Trump CFO Alan Weisselberg. After the Access Hollywood video was broadcast the Trump campaign went into a full panic mode which was confirmed by Hope Hicks. This led to Daniels’ payment. That is the story in a nutshell.

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