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March 10, 2024

America Sucks, America Sucks, Ameri

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Oops! I’m sorry I interrupted a Trump rally. This is the type of insane rhetoric you hear at Trump rallies. This and crooked Joe Biden, or Joe Biden is the worst president ever. In fact, those on the right never have a good word to say about President Biden. If you watch Fox news you would think we were in a recession, and there was a crime wave sweeping the nation, even though President Biden has the strongest economy in the last 50 years, and crime is down. However this is what Trump supporters, of a 91 count indicted man who is the agreed upon worst president ever, and the biggest liar of all time, have to say. This is what you can expect from a Donald Trump second term:

  • He will end Obamacare
  • He would institute a total abortion ban
  • He would purge thousands of civil servants, and install Trump loyalists
  • He would end all talk about Climate Change
  • He would weaken the EPA
  • He would end the war in Ukraine by turning the country over to Vladimir Putin
  • Give police free reign to do as they please without consequences
  • Cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Pass new tax cuts for the wealthy
  • Trump would raise taxes on everyone by the use of a 10% tariff on all imports

These are just a few of the radical changes that Trump would institute if he ever sets foot in the White House again. Vote for Democrats to stop him and his Nazi cohorts.

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